Our Team

The most valuable resource, people, with the knowledge needed to be successful. See the team behind the platform.

A note from our founder

In this century, innovation is occurring so rapidly that companies must adapt quickly to keep pace. The effect of such unprecedented change is no longer a hurdle to be crossed on the distant horizon. The manufacturing industry faces an ever widening skills gap and urgently needs to address how to build and cross the bridge.

Senthil Kumar

With MAGNI, you can close the skills gap within any team. The team can be the entire facility, some departments, or a few people.

The challenge

One of the greatest challenges is guiding and preparing our most valuable resource, people, with the knowledge needed. MAGNI is the answer.

Kristian Karpati
Christine Walker
Sean Grubb
Saravanan Sampath
SS Bala
Kavita Kavita-Krishnamurthy

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