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Skills assessments to discover training requirements

Magni creates objective skills assessments that help you understand what training your team needs, reduce onboarding time, and retain top talent.

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Objective Skills Assessments

Discover your team's potential

Magni gives you an assortment of tools to analyze your team's strengths by discovering knowledge gaps between individuals, groups, and your entire organization.

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Powerful features

Find the best time efficient training available with our platform.

Dynamic Reports

See your team's progress at a glance, where their strengths are, and how they compare to others.

Industry Vetted Knowledge

Our tried and true material comes from our expertly vetted course content via THORS eLearning Solutions.

Group Learners

Create multiple groups to cater to different team's in your organization.

MAGNI Features
Bloom's Analysis

See how well your learners understand, identify, and apply knowledge.

Mix and Match

Mix and match quizzes and questions to make your own custom tailored solution.

Discover Efficient Education

Find the most direct path to train your team with Magni.

Reports at a glance

With reports see your team's progress at a glance, where their strengths are, and how they compare to others. Our reports range from basic analysis to a breakdown of bloom's taxonomy. Choose from our standard templates or customize your own.

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Reports Dashboard
Join industry standard assessments with custom questions

Create training modules that are best suited for the roles and skills of your team including processes, procedures, or general work instructions. You can use our industry vetted training packages readily available for the manufacturing sector with your own custom questions.

  • Use quizzes and questions out of the box
  • Customize using your own materials.
  • Mix and match assessments to make your own tailored solution.
Mix and match assessments

Change the way you train your team. Forever.

Customize training based on scores from user reports and potentially modify curriculum components to cater to your company needs.

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Mountain path


The user manual explains all the features and facets of the MAGNI system. If you have questions on how to do something, check here first.

Technical Support

Use our dedicated support email to send your issues or suggestions. We are here to help anytime:

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