The MAGNI Manifesto

Data Driven Learning is a new paradigm for objectively evaluating workforce competencies— MAGNI is the solution. MAGNI is a cloud-based assessment tool for identifying technical competencies, analyzing skills gaps, and optimizing the training needs of an organization. Delivering targeted training minimizes training friction and maximizes training ROI.

Our Background

Industry 4.0—underpinned by machine intelligence led to adoption of newer technologies; this created a demand for training the workforce in newer technologies. Attrition and retirement of an aging workforce compounded the training needs in the manufacturing sector. Whether onboarding new hires or equipping the existing workforce with new technology—training is restricted by time and budget. MAGNI was launched in 2018 to perform skills gap analysis to diagnose skill deficits and to optimize training solutions. Powered by artificial intelligence, MAGNI is a powerful tool for bridging the skills gaps and improving manufacturing IQ


Various built-in features that allow managing, reporting, and documenting assessments.

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Stored on the cloud, access the platform from anywhere across the globe.

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Cost Efficiency

No installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure needed.

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Your digital assets are safe and backed up in our digital cloud.

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Options for unlimited users to take assessments concurrently.


Data from MAGNI often dispels the myth of one-size-fits-all training approach. Targeted training may be a daunting challenge—a huge undertaking that puts a strain on company resources. In addition to MAGNI our product portfolio consists of THORS Academy and THORS Custom Courses. The THORS Academy is a library of high-quality courses, in multiple manufacturing disciplines, presented in a visually rich, interactive, and engaging fashion. The Academy courses are developed in partnership with subject matter experts (SME)—the leading voices in their respective industries. The THORS Custom department collaborates with you to create courses or modify curriculum that caters exclusively to the needs of your workforce.

One Tool Many Solutions

Objectively identifying and analyzing the skills gaps of employees is a powerful tool for decision makers involved in workforce training.

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